Monday, April 22, 2013


It gets under my skin when a "part time" parent, (a single parent that splits there time with the baby mama/daddy) says they need a "break". I use to be one of these parents, so I don't have much room to talk, but I can say I'm not one of those parents anymore. Let me add to that, I have my child every single day. Over the past few weeks, ever Friday and Saturday night I have been home, with Kensley. Looking back, do I regret it? Did I miss out on something more important? Absolutely not, but there are times I look back and wish I WAS at home with her instead of some place else. Most "single" parents have a break every other weekend and often a night or two a week, am I right? Recently, VERY recently, I come to realize how selfish I was. How Kensley ONLY had me, and that she needed me all the time. She loves to go and stay with her Grammy, but she always wants me to come pick her up, usually she's already in bed, but I still do anyway. For someone who only sees their kid a few days say they need a break really just rubs me the wrong way. Hey, you should have thought about that before you had a child. Put your child first. Period. The End. 

End Rant.

Oh, wait... Also all you single Mama and Paps out there.. STOP criticizing the other parent for the SAME thing you do.

Happy Monday! : )

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