Friday, October 26, 2012

Unpredictable life.

So, let me to tell you about my week..
I'm writing this after being awake for 27 hours to start things off, Kensley started yesterday with sinus junk and coughed and cried all night last night. Sick babies mean no sleep for mommy. I had my very first parent/teacher meeting last night, wow. I don't even like saying that, time goes way faster than you think. Got side swiped this morning by some one that didn't even bother to stop, to get out of her car, or to see if I was okay, much less, "Hey, here's my insurance info since I just hit you!" I drove after her so I could get her tag number. I finally decided once I took a picture on my phone to stop and see how much damage had been done, because her car had a huge dent and scratch half way down it. I was crying hysterically like a crazy person thinking, this is just what else I need, when it rains, it pours, why me, etc. When I walked around my car, not a scratch on it. All I could do was laugh, and thank God. I firmly believe it's because I've spend most of the night talking with God. Like I said, I 've been up all night, no sleep at all. I did a lot of praying and readying my bible. Good things happen when I do this... A few weeks ago, I had some things stolen from the house, found out who took them, and filed a police report this week. I have been so livid about the whole situation, I have not acted the way that I should have. I haven't prayed about it, which should have been the first thing I did. Last night I prayed about it, and I feel comfort over the entire situation. God has a plan, and it will all work out. On top of all that, at least one or two days a week I get in a funk. I miss my mom. I miss my brother. I want them home. I cry. I'm sad. There are so many days I want to pick up the phone after a week like this and vent to my mother. But there are 7 hours difference so when I'm getting off work and can actually call and vent it's midnight there. It sucks. It really sucks. But God let's everything happen for a reason, and I firmly believe them being over there is what's best right now. With that being said, I only have 22 days until I see them for a few days!!!!

Life is crazy and so unpredictable. If you had told me I would be here 6 months ago, I would have said YOU ARE CRAZY. I would have said a lot of things 6 months ago, that aren't true today. But, hey, that's life right?
Thankfuly I have God, and a few good friends that I keep up entirely too late at night venting to, that makes things a little easier!

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