Wednesday, August 15, 2012


God has been putting a lot of things on my heart, and today when writing I planned on sharing some of them. When you live for God, things don't always go the way YOU plan for them to.

I recently picked up a copy of, "The Resolution For Women", it was written in partnership with the creators of the movie, "Courageous". I read a few chapters, all which talked about contentment. I read the words and let them sink in. I took a look at my life, and how things were and thought to myself, "I'm not really content, I want more." I was also reading, "Redeeming Love", my new favorite book. Let's just say, I'm not one for reading two books at once. So, a few chapters is all I got from "The Resolution".

I have You Version on my phone, many of you know it as the "Bible App".
I love it, when I am somewhere and want to look up a verse, I can because I always have my phone. It gives me the "verse of the day" and also has reading plans. There have been several "verses of the day" and several different reading plans I have come across that have all talked about contentment.

Then last night I saw on fb someone past a link from a dear friend, it was a blog. I wanted it to read it, but didn't so I opened it in safari so I could later read it. This morning I read her recent blog post, actually I read the past few, and more than one was about contentment. That's when I knew that's what I needed to share.

This past weekend was a roller coaster ride, so many emotions from Kensley turning 4, last week of NeNe's and also my parents not being here for this huge chapter of our life, among several different things. I have been praying and asking God to give me answers. When a certain situation arose this weekend which wasn't what I expected, all I felt was contentment. I felt this was God's way of giving me the answers I've been looking for. I also felt as though it was completely in God's hands. Now that my relationship with Jesus Christ is on the right road, I have contentment in him. I have read more than once, " Rest in the God who KNOWS the future and ORDAINED it." I love hearing this, reading this, and feeling this. So with this being said, I will trust in the Lord with my future and with his timing.

One of my favorite sayings, it's on my desk at work, it's on my twitter profile, and you see it all over pinterest, " Faith in God, includes Faith in his timing."

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