Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I started reading the book unglued, and within the first chapter I thought to myself, "Is this about me?" Often I feel unglued, falling apart. I have learned to pray when overwhelmed with these emotions, which is very often. When I pray I feel like a HUGE burden has been lifted, and I turn it over to God. I have been trying SO SO SO hard to not make emotional decisions. I've read scripture and scripture on controlling the tongue. This I have such a hard time with because it's new to me. I just recently made the decision not take make emotional decisions, because it hurt myself and the ones I care about. I was on a good track until a roller coaster of events took place, and it was like I was hit with a bomb. A bomb of things happening and I lost sight of my control over emotional decision making. Over the past week, I've let my guard down and I've done a horrible job of thinking about things before doing or saying things that I shouldn't based on how I feel at that second. With that being said, starting today I will get back on track and try and stay on track. Unglued so far is a great book for anyone feeling overwhelmed with life. I'm only in the 2nd chapter, but after Chapter 1 I already feel as though I stumbled upon it by no accident.

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