Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not so busy, huh?

So, March 1, was the last time I "blogged" I've had so much on mind recently and I kept telling myself, "I want to blog". I remembered I had this so here's for a second shot...

What's happened over the past 5 months of NO blogging and how far I've come on those goals I was talking about...

Def. fell off the "exercise bandwagon" just as fast as I got on it. Last March, I lost probably 20-30 lbs for a friend's wedding, and looking back at the pictures it depresses me. By no means was I "skinny" I don't think that will ever happen, but it was a much better look than I'm going for now. I'm going to TRY and do what everyone says and start counting calories with the awesome my fitness pal app. I'm giving up sweet tea for now, and if you know me, then you know that is going to be harder than anything! I'm going to try and stay on this at least until I can lose a few lbs.

Taking more pictures, that I have accomplished! I love, love, LOVE taking pictures! I just got a new photo-editing software, and have no idea how to use it! But I can't wait to learn! I've mostly done for friends just for practice, but I must say, I am getting better! :)

Spending more time with my sweet girl, that is my MOST achieved accomplishment. She never wants to leave my side, and I'm okay with that. A few weeks ago, I went white water rafting with my family and left her at home with Grammy for one night, I wasn't even gone 24 full hours, and my heart ached not being with her. I enjoy date nights with Derrick, but I always pick her up afterwards. She has only spent the night away from home 2 nights in the past year. I think I have more of a withdrawal problem than she does. This past weekend, we went and got her hair cut, both got pedicures, went and did some school shopping, and grabbed lunch, I love days like this with her. The older she gets the more time we have to do stuff like that. While, I'm on the topic of Kens, next week is her last week at NeNe's. (TEARS) She started going right after her first birthday, and she turns 4 on Monday. Yes, I said 4, going on 16. Where does the time go?? She starts preschool on the 20th, and it will be a big adjustment for us all!

And last but not least, I wanted my spiritual relationship with God to grow, and that it has! I've always believe in God, but not until recently had a good relationship with him. I talk with God daily and try my best to do what is right. A few months back, maybe around Easter, or Mother's Day I started attending church every week. I wanted to be a better person, and I wanted to have a REAL relationship with God. When I do what is right, and live the way I should, it makes me a better person all the around. A better friend, co-worker, daughter, sister, mother.. I am a better person to be around! We just got through with a week long or should I say LONG week of VBS, I am thankful I got to be a part of that. I am thankful for this change in my daughter too. If your friends with me on facebook, or follow me on twitter, then you know how much I share her love for God. She is constantly praying, praying for people she knows that needs it. She knows when to ask me to pray for her too! Last week during VBS, they learned several different songs, and the one that she kept singing over and over was, "If God is for us, what can stop us" she would always say it when I needed to hear it the most too! God is going to use that sweet girl in big ways I firmly believe it in my heart.

So, that's the latest on my goals. I have a lot on my mind that I feel like I need to share, so I promise it won't be another 5 months before I update again :)

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