Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 7 Your Dream Job

My dream job goes right along with my "dream life" ha

My dream job would be to take pictures on the beach. I mean let's face it, they have to make a killing because you always see those families in the "white" beach pictures and there is always beach weddings. I love taking pictures and I love the beach. It would be a win win situation for me for sure. In order to do that I would need to live at the beach, another win. 

Today was Kensley's very first picture day and after I dropped her off this morning it hit me, and cried all the way to work. Go figure. She's growing up way too fast. I swear she's probably the smartest kid I know, with the smartest mouth too. I know you all are probably wondering where she gets it, right? Anyway, hug your little ones tight because you'll blink and they'll be grown. Last night I was playing with Will and he's just a little over 2 and I swear it seems like last week he was cruising around on his knees and couldn't even walk much less speak. Now, those little words he says, "I luz you" melts my freaking heart. It's crazy that your heart can love the way I love that baby. Love that sweet boy with my whole heart. 

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