Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's been up the past 5 months..

I really, really, REALLY suck at blogging. Like REALLY. But I’ve become completely obsessed with it. I love reading them, and wish I took the time to do mine.

So here’s what’s up…

I left off in November, saying what I was thankful for. BTW, I did what I was thankful for on FB, everyday.. I didn’t just stop on day 2! My parents come home, It had been 9 months since I had seen my Mama. I missed her so much, but I missed my baby brother way more. That kid has my heart. Although technically I see them every week, thank you apple for facetime, I want to be able to put my arms around him. I want to let him drive me around and go fishing and have Sunday lunch. Ok, enough of that before my waterworks kick on. It’s too early for all that. The point I was trying to make is I miss him, it’s been way too long since I saw that sweet face of his. Christmas came and went, and my kid is spoiled, as if you didn’t already know this. I turned 25, womp womp….no biggie. Kensley is turning into quiet the little ballerina/tapper, she thinks she needs to teach mom some of her moves, and def. tells me when I don’t do them right. AND last, but not least, this is week 2 of me going to the gym. Yes, I know you all are probably like, WTH, but I actually feel sooo much better. Well, after about the first two hours. If I ate right I would probably lose a ton, but im too fat, and I love food way to much. I eat really good throughout the week but then on the weekend, throw that ish out the window.. It’s a start though. 

Now that I’ve caught this thing up, here’s to trying to keep it update.. We’ll see how well it goes!

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