Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Days 3-6 because I'm a slacker.

Day 3 What makes you happy

Lots of things make me happy, I'm not hard to please. (Okay, that's a lie) But as long as I get my way, I"m usually pretty happy and my way is usually the right way, so everyone wins. I kid, I kid. Geez. What makes me happy: Everything my kid does makes me happy. Correction: almost everything. The beach, sunshine, new music, seeing other people happy,beach,  Will Suttle & Little Linlee, food, road trips, Bama football, actually bama anything, beach, Braves baseball, online shopping, beach, family time, did I say the beach??? I have a ton of other things that make me happy, that's just to top it off. 

Day 4 Favorite Childhood Memory 

I have a ton. All pretty much involve my Granddaddy. I swear I loved that man more than life, he was my hero. I hate the fact Kensley didn't get to know him, if he was here she would be way more spoiled than she already is, if that's even possible. But, My grandparents usually took, me, Marla and Matthew to the beach several times a year. I always remember all of us looking like Indian children, staying on the beach all day, which i still do, ordering big foot pizza's from dominoes  getting TCBY ice cream, crab hunting every night and of course put put and go carts. I still do these exact same things every time I'm at the beach. I hope Kensley remembers these beach trips the way I do. 

Day 5 Favorite movies you never get tired of watching

The Holiday
Hunger Games
Gone With The Wind
PS I Love You
Charlie St. Cloud
Any Disney Movie
Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption
Ok, my list is long enough.. No where near close to the end. 

Day 6 Your last random act of kindness

No biggie, but was my last random act of kindness  I gave a co worker, who is sick my last can of chicken noodle soup, and went on my lunch and bought a can from the gas station for 3.79$ It's like .60 in the grocery store.

Now, I'm caught up. NO more slacking. Ha. 

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